السبت، 5 نوفمبر 2011

My wife to be

Somewhere on earth, she is there, doing something I don't know what it is, may be she is sleeping, may be she is watching tv or may be she is studying. I really don't know what she is doing now, but I believe she is there, thinking of me, the man of her dreams, love everything about me, believes in me right or wrong, trying to imagine every single detail of how do I look like, drawing pictures of me, taking photos of me smiling and sad, trying to guess what is my job, she doesn't even know what do I do, or may be she knows, but I don't know that she knows. she is thinking whether I'm thinking of her now. Many time I try to imagine how does she look, but I couldn't.
Sometimes I see her white, and times I see her black, with eyes that answer every single question you've ever asked yourself about, and put thousands of new questions that you'll be asking urself for the rest of your life. Her voice just hypnatizes you for decades, touches the thing that lies deep inside every one of us and never been touched and when she talks then you wish if she didn't as you will forget your whole life and ask your god if time can stop, only she and I. Not because of the perfection of the voice, rather for the excellence of the mind, the angelian ideas that let you regret your being for years without meeting her.
When she is away, then you are a body with out soul. Silent and detached, asking yourself the questions left by the effect of her eyes, trying to reach an answer, after ages of thinking you think you did, suddenly you see the eyes and baaaack to square zero.
When am I going to meet her?
Only god knows.
I jus hope that it comes in the right time with the best situation so as to remember that we started premeirly.
Do you know who is she?
She is my wife to be... 

this thing is written back in 2006, today I would like to thank Allah that I found her, and she is indeed the one I have been looking for, even better. so for all of you out there, please keep looking.. :).

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